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About Us

Welcome to Bodybuilding Nation!

Last Modified On: Jan 19, 2018

Bodybuilding Nation LLC was founded at the end of 2015 with the vision of bringing bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts together in a way that will help each and every person reach their goals.

In the online world, the fitness community can often times be overwhelming for people new to getting in shape. Bodybuilding Nation was founded to change that by providing more than just informational articles on topics in the industry.

By signing up for the site you not only get free access to those articles, but a large community dedicated to helping you reach your goals. Have a question? Simply check our forum for the answer. Know an in-shape celebrity, or friend that uses the site? Check their profile to see what they do for workouts and calorie intakes. The site is dedicated to giving everyone the tools they need to succeed.

While the company was founded in 2015, the site was not officially launched until 2017 after months of beta testing and fine tuning.

Our Values

At Bodybuilding Nation, we understand the difficulty in finding quality fitness advice in the online world. Every person has different needs, and finding the right needs for you in a sea of often times conflicting schools of thought can be overwhelming to say the least.

Bodybuilding Nation strives to change that by offering a way for you to track your progress, gain encouragement in your goals, and get answers to your questions. All for free.

Since we have a large community of people dedicated to helping you in your fitness goals, you can get the right advice from those who are similar to you by not only asking our community directly, but by visually seeing what those with your ideal physique are doing to get to where they are.

We hope that this philosophy, along with proper execution, will change the way people reach their fitness goals.