What Is German Volume Training and Why Does It Work?

What Is German Volume Training and Why Does It Work?

While working out, there are many schools of thought. Talk to 100 different lifters and you will get 100 different answers. But there's one style of lifting that has grown into prominence of the past couple of decades. It's incredibly hard, and can be used for breaking a plateau, changing up your plan, or just getting a serious pump.

Its name is German Volume Training, and can also be referred to as the 10x10 workout. Based on your experience level with lifting this butal form of training can help pack on serious mass. There is a little bit of speculation as to when and how it came into popularity, but the fact is that it is here to stay.

How Does German Volume Training Work?

It doesn't get the nickname "10x10 workout" for nothing. Essentially, you're going to do 10 reps of a certain weight for 10 sets. That's some serious hypertrophy and a crazy muscle pump for anyone who hasn't tried it! It is advised that you start with a weight you can do for a set of 20. You can get an approximate of what you would be able to lift for a set of 20 by using our one rep max calculator.

This method is going to seem useless for the first couple sets, however by set number 10 you will be struggling. You will also want to make sure you wait 60 seconds between sets. You will also want to make sure you increase the weight if you make it through the 10 sets no problem.

Why Does German Volume Training Work?

German volume training allows you to break down the muscle way beyond conventional means. It is designed to damage the muscle to its breaking point. Due to the severity of the muscle damage you are much more likely to build back with even more mass than usual. 

This program is best for bodybuilders, but it can also be used by powerlifters. It is a good way to break plateus not only with size but with strength.

How Long Should I Use This Program?

It is recommended that you stay on this program for only 4 - 6 weeks. Due to the intensity of the workout it is more than likely going to either over train you and cause a negative effect if done for too long. It is advised to be wary of over training while doing this workout, if your muscles are still sore after a week of resting the muscle group this type of training may not be for you.

What Is An Example Of German Volume Training?

Below is an example of a chest and back day workout for a novice lifter. For a full breakdown of a routine you can visit this link.

Bench Press
Sets: 10
Start with 60% of what your one rep max is and make sure you do 10 reps for each set.
Bent Over Rows
Sets: 10
Make sure you use proper form, it can get pretty dicey by the 10th set.
Chest Flies
Sets: 10
Again, make sure you do 10 reps for each set. Increase the weight if you can do 10 reps for each set with ease.
Lat Pulldown
Sets: 10
Make sure to squeeze your lats.


In conclusion, German volume training is an abstract yet great way to further your strength and size. While it should not be used for a prolonged period it is great for a 4 to 6 week trial to shock your body.

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