Difference Between Dirty Bulking and Clean Bulking

Difference Between Dirty Bulking and Clean Bulking

Bulking is a necessary evil for maximum muscle gains. It's the time when your body will gain the most size because it has a surplus of extra calories. However, when bulking there are two schools of thought on the process called dirty bulking and clean bulking

Both have their advantages based on your body type and depending on your goals one may be better than the other. It's important to keep in mind that both of them will cause you to gain fat. It is very difficult to bulk without some form of fat gain but the rewards when you lean up in the summer are always great.

Dirty Bulking

Dirty bulking is a lot more fun and is fairly easy to do. The goal is to consume the most amount of calories as possible. No holds barred, no restrictions to what food you can eat.

Dirty bulking is great for putting on as much weight as humanly possible in a short period as possible, although the results may be less than desired.

Pros Of Dirty Bulking: The best part about dirty bulking is you will put on a large amount of size in a short period of time. This is perfect for ectomorphs or people who do not gain weight easily. 

Another pro is that you get to eat whatever you want, whenever you want and it is preferable that you do so. Ice cream, pizza, and other junk food in abundance is preferable when doing this.

Cons Of Dirty Bulking: You are going to gain a lot of fat when doing this. The weight will not be the preferred type at all. It will also be much harder to lose this weight when it's time to cut again which is why it's best to try this only if you have a high metabolism.

Clean Bulking

Clean bulking is the opposite of dirty bulking in that you are still maintaining some form of diet while bulking. Most people simply take the diet they use while cutting and simply add more calories to it. 

The key is to keep eating "clean foods" throughout the diet. You don't want to go overboard with the amount of calories as well, the goal is to slowly increase the number of calories you are eating.

Pros Of Clean Bulking: The main objective with clean bulking is to put on weight without gaining too much fat. Although you won't be able to avoid some fat gain, a cleaner diet will reduce the amount of fat you gain.

This type of bulk is also beneficial for those who tend to gain weight very easily since you will be able to monitor your weight and fat content as you go.

Cons Of Clean Bulking: You unfortunately will not gain as much size with this type of bulk as quickly. You will also be set on a strict diet which in itself can be fairly taxing mentally. 

Figuring Out Which Type Of Bulking Is Right For You

Both types of bulking have their pros and cons however which one is right boils down to your goals. If you are looking to gain a massive amount of size quickly, go for the dirty bulk. If you are looking for a leaner bulk then do it clean.

The important thing to do is to monitor your weight and fat levels to make sure you don't gain too much weight. If you have any questions ask them in the comments below!

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